Industrial Construction Company in Trichy

Industrial Construction in Trichy have been self-performing our work for decades and, in that time, we have built a considerable institutional memory. We’ve crystallized that knowledge building Construction into a stack of project management software that aids us our project teams from start to finish.

Lifecycle Construction Management

With each project completed, we have learned, found efficiencies, obtained best practices and discovered new approaches. A considerable number of these developments have driven our development of an application-based software suite that we offer as tailorable solutions to our clients.

Construction Management Software Stack

Ezhil Green Homes construction management software stack, developed over the past decade, is a fully-integrated application suite that can be modularized and tailored to meet the lifecycle needs of any industrial construction project, with a focus on transitioning seamlessly from bulk area-based construction to system turnover and startup. The applications that comprise the stack run the gamut from estimating to costing to planning, packaging, inspection, completions and documentation.

A Modular Approach

Though the distinct individual applications in the stack can be used in isolation, they are best leveraged when configured to work in conjunction with each other. Whereas the estimating application can operate in isolation performing material labor take-off, for example, it can also be configured to speak to the work packaging and material control systems to perform specific work packaging and material requisition. Similarly, the document control system can run a direct line to completions.

Bringing Cost and Schedule Certainty

Ultimately, each of the stack applications, used separately or in concert, bring greater cost and schedule certainty, while also reducing the incredible manual effort needed to maintain documents and processes separately. By structuring the applications in a consistent manner, planning and ultimately construction execution is made more efficient.

The Stack and Core Processes

Ezhil Green Homes software stack contains more than sixty individual applications but is best understood by seeing them from the perspective of eight core processes which include estimating and costing; documents and engineering; materials and purchasing; planning and packaging; process and schedule; quality and completions; administration and human resources; and HSE.